Ildi Pekar

A skin care professional for over 20 years, Ildi Pekar is one of Manhattan’s
most sought after beauty service providers. Beloved by her impressive and loyal roster of clients for her custom tailored skin regimens that combine organic European techniques with modern technology, Ildi is the go-to choice for those who believe that there is always room for improvement.

Originally trained in her native, Budapest, Hungary — a region famous the world over for its skin care treatments, therapeutic hot springs and saunas — Ildi spent over a decade mastering her craft at various New York spas before achieving her lifelong goal of opening her own business, Ildi Pekar Skin Care, in 2007. Now, quietly tucked away in its midtown Manhattan penthouse location — where it offers only the finest certified-organic European products, an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a menu of exclusive and signature services — Ildi Pekar Skin Care is known as a haven for women individuals of all walks of life seeking the ultimate in face and body care.

“I’ve always been very passionate about skin care,” says Ildi. “I think of it is a lost art. That’s why I continue to educate myself by constantly reading, taking classes in various healing methods — I even have my masters in Reiki as well as a degree in reflexology — in addition to attending seminars both here and back in Europe. Once I discover the most effective new technologies, I combine them with my knowledge of traditional methods to create instant results that last.”

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Welcome to Ildi Pekar
Welcome to Ildi Pekar
Welcome to Ildi Pekar
Welcome to Ildi Pekar


Ildi Pekar combines natural and organic ingredients with modern technology to deliver effective skin results. Her well known treatments include: Microcurrent Electric Stimulation, Oxygen Facials, European Deep Cleansing Facials, LED Light therapy, Vitamin C Facials, and Stem Cell Facials to help you achieve healthy and youthful skin.
Welcome to Ildi Pekar

Body Treatments

Famous for her radio frequency technique and her EMS (electric muscle stimulation) creative speed fitness. Ildi can help you show off your beautiful body in a safe and natural way.
Welcome to Ildi Pekar


When Ildi Pekar decided to develop her own luxury skin care line, she knew the
products would have to be natural. But even more importantly, they would have to
be EFFECTIVE! “It was essential for each formula to be packed with pure, nourishing
ingredients proven to work on skin, whether we’re talking anti-aging, moisturizing
or repair,” Ildi declares. Incorporating that philosophy into her line, Ildi worked with a
chemist for over a number of years before unveiling her initial collection. Honey based,
with 100% natural raw honey sourced from a local bee farm, the Ildi Pekar Skin Care
line provides all ages and skin types with exclusive, skin-loving formulas that go beyond
organic to deliver maximum results you can see and feel. “Everything about my skin care
line is a result of my research, time, and passion to make a difference in the beauty industry,”
says Ildi. And, based on the incredible response from both her loyal following and industry
experts, it’s safe to say she’s done just that.