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Treatment time: 35 minutes

Price: $150

Who has time to go to the gym to achieve their fitness goals? Work out with our unique electric muscle stimulator for only 20 minutes 2x a week! One session is equal to 1.5 hours of heavy conventional training. See results after 8 sessions.

Reducing your fitness journey by 50%. Our creative speed fitness workout is designed for you to feel results fast. The magic of this treatment is controlling electrical currents to stimulate 90% of your muscle groups within your body simultaneously, receiving faster and better results than conventional training at the gym.

The effectiveness of creative fitness training is up to 30 times higher than the conventional workout delivering results you need for the body you want. Each workout is 20 minutes long and we recommend doing it twice a week for the best results. By appointment only and there is no down time, making it perfect for anyone who does not have to work on their fitness goals.