Treatment time: 25 minutes

Price: $100

20 minutes 2x a week is all you need with our creative fitness therapy – EMS workout. We are able to help you achieve your fitness goals 50% faster than conventional training. Helping to lose excess fat and tone your body safely, naturally, and rapidly. Book by appointment and have a one on one training with a certified personal trainer. 20 minutes with our fitness therapy is equivalent to 1.5 hours at the gym. We are saving you time and giving your body energy back with Europe’s most advance fitness equipment.

Whole-Body Electric Muscle stimulation Training is now established as a highly time-efficient method for improving physical fitness, performance and health. Through a set of electrodes we are using electricity to stimulate and amplify the body.

  • Increase metabolism, reducing body fat and weight
  • Tighten your connective tissues and reduce cellulite
  • Improve your cardiovascular system and advancement of your body’s blood circulation
  • Reduce back and body aches that can repaired over time
  • Gain better stability and balance with your muscles, bones, and spine