Face Therapy by Ildi Pekar is a collection of various facials where we combine traditional European remedies with high-technology to create you an environment where you feel pampered yet leave with undeniable results. While each service has it’s own purpose and protocol, we customize our treatments and tailor our product, device and technique selection to your personalized needs. All service providers have an extensive experience in providing the most caring and result derived treatments. When you choose to have a facial with us you’ll leave the salon with a beautiful glow and a better understanding about how to maintain your skin health on the long run. Not sure which service fits you the most? Our knowledgable customer service team is here to help, feel free to reach out at 212.682.6080 or e-mail salon@ildipekar.com. When booking online you can reserve the service that you are most interested in and if you get here and change your mind you can always adjust the service type.