Led Light Therapy

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Price: $150

Led is a painless light therapy treatment that utilizes a specific light that send wave lengths to your skin to stimulate and heal your skin cells and skin tissue.

Services: Blue Light, Red Light, and Infared Light.

Led boosts your atp (cellular engery) to start the healing process of the skin damage over the years. Helping you to reverse the clock on aging, led increases collagen/elastin production helping you to reduce your wrinkles, and fine lines. The best part of led is that it can be used for all skin types to cure aging, acne, dehydrated, dull, and hyper pigmented skin.

Destroying bacteria, clear and heal blemishes/breakouts/skin redness ? Diminish scarring and hyperpigmentation problems ? Rejuvenates skin cells and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines for younger skin!