Facial time: 60 Minutes

Price: $295

Manual Lymphatic drainage has been an existing solution since 1930s. It is an immune boost and the most natural way to release toxins. Our lymphatic system transports white blood cells, oxygen and nutritions to the tissues. Many of us don’t realize the importance of lymphatic stimulation. The fluid build up affects our whole body, including our skin – it causes various health problems, uneven skin tone, early aging, saggy skin.

Ildi Pekar created her Lymph-Flow facial which is beyond a beauty treatment. It helps to release toxins, that your body would not be able to remove by it self. It treats puffiness, tiredness, darks circles, dull complexion, skin irritations and fine lines, as well as naturally resculpting the facial muscles and relaxes your body and mind.
We customize our facials to each and every one of our clients by using various hydrating elixirs and nourishing masks, to make sure your skin will be smooth, lively, and glowing by the time you leave our treatment room.

If you are looking for a detoxifying, contouring and rejuvenating facial, Lymph-Flow is for you!

What to expect:

+ Resculpted and distressed facial muscles
+ Tighter Skin
+ Diminished fine lines
+ Decreased puffiness
+ Minimized dark circles
+ Radiant and even skin tone
+ Deep relaxation
+ Slight redness right after the facial for few minutes, as we increase both lymph and blood flow

What does Lymp-Flow includes:

Customized exfoliating elixir
+ 30 to 45 minutes lymphatic face, neck and decollate massage +Polarized LED Light Therapy*
+ Customized mask
+ Nourishing and hydrating products

* What makes Ildi Pekar stand out is that our Polarisol LED can provide multiple color therapy sessions at once. Using our multilayered LED Light therapy with Polarized (Filtered) Light to assist the healing process of the skin and body at an even more accelerated speed.