By the age of 12 Ildi was learning to heal with natures powerful magic of flowers, herbs, and thermal waters. To her it was just so natural to be ‘natural’. She grew up in the city of spas where Hungary has created a culture that continuously increases its knowledge on learning the human body better and using it’s natural resources to heal it to provide a healthier lifestyle.

Becoming an esthetician to Ildi was more than providing beauty treatments. It was an opportunity for her to teach and heal those she came across about incorporating natural + wellness together and how to do it effectively; a passion that traditionally kept growing over the years.

Every detail about the I PEKAR skin care collection is created with the intention of love, nourishment, and honesty. Each ingredient has been comprehensively thought of to feed your skin the support it needs to be healthy, happy, and glowing.

This raw photo is the first draft of our logo representing “the circle of life” – nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. It symbolizes the universe being sacred in its infinite nature of energy that gives new life to another.

We want you to experience love in the purest form at every single application of the skin care collection for when you do your skin will consume the passion and work of Ildi Pekar and for that moment you will manifest the being of becoming ‘pekar’