Facial time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Price: $500

The invention of micro-needles are genius. As skin therapists, we are always looking for ways to communicate to the skin, that is exactly what micro needling is. A collagen induction technique that creates micro “injuries” to the skin (think of it as if you have a small cut — then the skin starts to heal itself right away) — that’s the science behind micro-needles. We are using microscopic needles through the skin to communicate that we need more production of collagen and elastin. With new production of collagen and elastin we can assist the cell to re-build stronger and heal damage that previously occurred to the cell.

Our stem cell facial delivers instant results. We have been successful at healing different forms of acne, pigmentation/ discoloration on the skin, and help clients tighten and plump their skin for overall skin nourishment and restoration. Results also includes dramatic increase of plumping, firming, and smoothing the texture of this skin.

*Botanical Stem Cell