Ildi Pekar Skin Care is the Best Skin Care Salon in the heart of Manhattan

Our Wellness Studio is located between Fifth and Madison Avenue. It is a beautiful peace
island for those who want a little break from the busy city for few hours and focus on their
physical and spiritual well being. We bring a unique approach to our clients that combines the
magic of traditional remedies with modern technologies to provide a deeper nurturing
experience for you.

At the Best Spa in New York City we deeply care about our customers’ needs, that’s why we
customize our facials for each and everyone of them. Our highly trained Estheticians are
providing outstanding skin care results for common skin concerns, such as acne,
pigmentation, and aging to create a clean and youthful look. Detoxification and fitness are also
very important to us, as we believe that you need a balanced and healthy body in order to
have a beautiful glowing skin on the outside.

We provide the following facial and body treatments:

• New York City’s Best European Deep Cleansing Facial
• New York City’s Best Micro-current Facial
• New York City’s Best Lift Facial
• New York City’s Best Oxygen Facial
• New York City’s Best Peel treatment with LED Light Therapy
• New York City’s Best LED Light Therapy with Polarized Light Technology
• New York City’s Best Vitamin C Facial
• New York City’s Best Cupping Facial
• New York City’s Best Lymphatic Facial Massage New York City’s Best Microneedle Treatment
• New York City’s Best Radio Frequency Body Treatment New York City’s Best EMS Training
• New York City’s Best Acupuncture
• New York City’s Best Electric Muscle Stimulation Treatment

We use only the best natural and organic ingredients and products during our services to make
your skin hydrated and glowing. Try our I PEKAR collection, that is the best non-toxic, highquality, and luxurious product line on the beauty market.