Facial time: 60 Minutes

Price: $400

Take a trip from Korea to the German Alps with our brand-new Omega+ Peptide Micro-Puncture Therapy. Ildi has done an extensive research to continue on improving her current facial therapy services. By combining Omega Fatty Acids, with Korean Peptides and Snow Algae from the German Alps, Ildi is once again ahead when it comes to protecting your skin barrier and combating signs of aging. 

Omega Fatty acids are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to hydrate while protecting the skin from environmental stressors. Peptides are amino acids that boost collagen production which improves the skin texture and firmness. Lastly, Snow Algae is a unique extremophile algae that has mastered a “sleeping beauty tactic” that enables them to grow in glaciers or permanent snow. Snow Algae powder activates anti-aging genes in the skin and improves the lifespan of skin cells. 

The Omega+ Peptide Micro-Puncture Therapy works in several steps:

+ Your esthetician will cleanse your skin with a customized treatment based on your skin consultation and your skin concerns. 

+ A gentle Lactic Acid resurfacing mask is used to remove dull, dead skin cells in order to brighten your natural complexion. 

+ With specific equipment using non-invasive tiny needles, we create micro-channels in the skin to boost collagen production and promote skin renewal. This will help evening skin tone and leave your skin brighter, healthier and more youthful. Polarized LED light therapy is used during this step for cell regeneration. 

+ We end the facial with a custom neck and decollete massage, one of the trademarks of Ildi Pekar therapies.