Facial time: 1 hour

Price: $300

We combine 3 of our most effective techniques to Lift, Firm, and Hydrate the skin. We deliver a youthful radiant glow with focus on facial contouring. Concentrating on the top three appearances of your face: Firmness, Definition, and Glow.

Our Microcurrent technology is used to lift your facial muscles helping to drain excess fluid, decrease puffiness, and giving you a natural facelift Radio Frequency shrinks enlarged and harmful fat cells (that have toxins stored in them) as well as tighten the skin up to 28% visible difference. We finish with our effective hyperbaric pressurized oxygen to instantly hydrate and plump your skin with vitamins and plant extracts for a dewy glow.

Best Facial to book 8 Hours prior any event for long lasting glow and definition