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Skin Tip Featured on – Don’t Use New Products “When you introduce new ingredients to your skin, it can cause a reaction,” says celebrity facialist Ildi Pekar. “Try new products one month prior your wedding just to be sure. It typically takes your skin about one week to recover from reactions on its own.”

Wedding Beauty Tips on What to do for your Skin before the big day!

– If you want to prep your skin yourself, I recommend gently exfoliating your skin the day before the wedding to even the texture and help reduce dullness for the big day

– Avoid trying new products before your wedding! Sometimes when you introduce new ingredients to your skin, it can cause a reaction. Try new products 1 month prior your wedding/big event just to be sure. It typically takes your skin about 1 week to recover from reactions on its own.

– We highly recommend to book your European Deep Cleaning Facial no closer than 2 weeks from the wedding date. This gives your skin the proper time to recover as well. It is normal to have more breakouts from a deep cleaning facial, this is due to having impurities living deeper in the skin that come to the surface to be extracted as well.

– If you would like to get a facial or treatment before the big day you cannot go wrong with an Oxygen Facial or Refine Facial. These two facials will give you a natural face lift while expressing a beautiful glow! Your skin will be look great and makeup will go on smoothly over it.

– What to do the day of? I recommend to keep it clean, natural, simple, and organic. I don’t recommend you trying any new products before the big day. You don’t know how your skin will react.


Skin Care

I Pekar Cleanser – Raw honey cleanser is anti bacterial (killing bacteria in the skin) and very soothing, it will not strip your natural oils I Pekar Moisturizer – Raw Honey Moisturizer with effective hydrating ingredients to absorb deep into your skin I Pekar Thermal Mud – Detoxifying and tightening mask give your skin a boost with minerals imported from Hungary

Skin Tips to ensure a healthy glow all day?

– Always cleanse your skin the night before! Do not go to bed with makeup on – I always tone in the morning instead of washing your face again because you need the oils on your skin to help prolong the glow.

  • A nice hydrating mask the night before always boost the life of glowing skin throughout the day
  • My favorite for glowing skin is parsley mask. Parsley contains an impressive amount of Vitamin K, which will reduce redness and promote a plump and healthy glow. Just two tablespoons of parsley contains 153-percent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin K. Chop a handful of fresh parsley in a processor or manually and combine it with 2 spoonfuls of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 3 spoonfuls organic plain yogurt. Maybe go the extra mile by adding some 100-percent raw honey, which I also love. Leave on for 20 minutes , rinse, and moisturize with I PEKAR Moisturizer.
  • Or my I PEKAR Thermal Mud Mask is great for detoxing, cleansing, and giving the skin a radiant glow. The mask also has magnesium in it which is best received transdermally. This helps reduce stress levels so you are calm and prepared for the day.

Other facials to get prior to the big day for an all day glow?

– Best Facial before the big day would be our Lift or Boost Facial!

  • The special concept of the LIFT facial is that it delivers instant results. We completely tailor this facial to your needs because everyone has different issues. We focus on muscle toning for a natural face lift, skin tightening for more definition, and skin hydration which gives you a beautiful glow!
  • The Hyaluronic Therapy facial is one of best facials for prolonging the life of glowing skin. Using a micro-hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into your skin gives you instant radiance for the big day!
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