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✨ Β As the last warm days of summer fade away and the cool, crisp air of September sets in, my skin begins to tell me it’s time for a change. The shift from summer to fall is not just a change of seasons, but also a time to switch up my skincare routine. So, let me take you on a journey through my personal skincare diary as we transition into fall. ✨ 


Week 1: Moisturizer Switch-Up

For me, September’s arrival signals a switch in my moisturizer. I bid farewell to the lightweight, gel-based summer moisturizer or serum and welcome a richer, creamier formula. This heavier moisturizer helps combat the dryness that comes with the cooler weather, keeping my skin soft and supple.


Week 2: Gentle exfoliation

I’ve learned that exfoliating is a delicate dance, especially during the colder months. Over-exfoliation can lead to dryness and irritation. So, in the second week, I dial back my exfoliation routine, opting for gentler and less frequent sessions

As September rolls in, it’s the ideal time to gear up your skin for winter. Begin by introducing a light chemical peel into your routine. If monthly isn’t possible, aim for a seasonal refresh.


Week 3:Hydration Station

Drinking plenty of water is a skincare mantra I swear by all year round. Staying hydrated from within helps maintain my skin’s elasticity and brightness, keeping it healthy and glowing.

Integrating minerals into your personal skincare routine can do wonders not just for your skin, but your overall well-being too. These potent elements have the power to rejuvenate and restore your skin, giving it a healthy glow while also nourishing your body.Β 

Week 4 : Happier SkinΒ Β 

After a summer filled with sunscreen and outdoor fun, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as treating yourself to a deep cleansing facial. It’s the perfect way to refresh your skin, clear out those overworked pores, and shed any roughness caused by sunblock. Trust me, your skin will thank you – there’s truly no better feeling than fresh, clean, and revitalized skin!


Bonus Tip: Lip and Eye Care

As we move deeper into fall, I pay extra attention to my lips and eyes. These areas have thinner skin and need extra care. I incorporate a nourishing lip moisturizer and a hydrating eye cream into my daily routine.


✨  This is my personal skincare diary for transitioning into fall. Remember, the key to great skincare is consistency and finding what works best for your unique skin type. Happy September skincare! ✨ 

XO IldiΒ 


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