Trio Lift

Treatment time and price varies on body part

Price: $200

Trio lift is a method of using my radio frequency machine to transfer heat and shrink your fat cells. This is great for toning, skin tightening, and cellulite/fat reduction.

Treatment time and price: varies on body part our non-invasive treatment produces fast and painless results by using radio frequency to heat up and melt off unwanted fat tissue. This selective heating of the fat cells accelerates their natural metabolism, causing the cells to shrink and release fatty acids (liquid fat) which is disposed of naturally through the blood and lymph system. Trio-lift helps to regenerate collagen, tighten and tone skin elasticity, and helps protect your skin surface. This is one of the best treatments on the market that offers a non surgical choice of effectively treating cellulite and reducing the circumference at the root of the problem without harming surrounding tissues. Trio-lift delivers fast results and is suitable for all skin types and shades. There is no down time needed.