Treatment time and price varies on body part

Price: $200

We are using radio frequency technology which is a form of natural heat that is applied to the area of concern. Using a tri-prong, it is then massaged onto the targeted area to liquidize enlarged fat cells (usually unhealthy fat that contains toxins) to shrink the area while the skin is being stimulated at the same time to produce collagen and elastin which tightens the area during the fat reduction process. We can see up to 28% visible improvement of collagen and skin tightening per session.

For best results, we recommend this treatment once week for 8 weeks and then once a month for maintenance afterwards. For single treatments, we recommend receiving it 2 – 3 days before any main event. It is a natural treatment, the only side effect is increased urination for 24 hours afterwards as the body is naturally draining out the fat through your lymph system.

The treatment normally last 7 – 14 days. To maintain the result, we recommend eating a healthy diet and staying active

We made a short video to give you a visual for the treatment:

Our non-invasive treatment produces fast and painless results and is one of the best treatments on the market that offers a non surgical choice of effectively treating cellulite and reducing the circumference at the root of the problem without harming surrounding tissues. Trio-lift delivers fast results and is suitable for all skin types and shades.

Treatment time and price: varies on body part