Facial time: 50 min

Price: $350


Geneo™ is called the facial of the future for a good reason: their innovative approach, patented oxygenation technology, and powerful active ingredients nourish and rejuvenate the skin on the inside and the outside. This quick, relaxing treatment will leave you with a luminous glow and sculpted look that will have you feeling your best. 

This treatment is all about chemistry and physiology. On the outside, your skin is gently exfoliated and effective ingredients are penetrated deep into your face, neck, and décolleté. While this is happening, the reaction releases an influx of CO2. This burst of oxygen not only creates an environment for the specialized ingredients to absorb deeper and more powerfully but also triggers the skin to naturally increase cell repair & turnover while directly delivering nutrients to skin cells through microcirculation. 

Once prepped, the skin is ready for potent, focused serum to be penetrated via ultrasound massage. The vibrations from these sound waves create channels through which ingredients can travel through the epidermis while triggering collagen production and increased circulation.

We finish with a hands-free sculpting massage to plump, depuff, and relieve tension in the face. 

This treatment is clinically proven, completely customized , non invasive, and requires no downtime. Targeted ingredients work to balance, illuminate, detox, revive, hydrate, or firm the skin.