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What is CBD?
CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive found in the Cannabis Plant with numerous health and wellness benefits. CBD has been used for centuries around the world to relieve pain and inflammation and to ease skin conditions.

Ms. Pekar, when did you start to use CBD oil on facil treatments and why did you start?
I started using CBD oil a few years ago. My first few applications was internal use only, the more I did research, I quickly discovered the benefits of using CBD oil topically and what it can do for cell health

I sourced by CBD by Research and testing. I always test for quality, response time, and progress/improvements on different types of skin.

Why CBD oil, were you researching new products for your protocols?
Where I’m from in Europe, we have advance with their therapies, so I’m always doing my research to keep up to date on this. I’m always looking for new ways to make my clients feel and look their best. I have a deep passion to improve their lifestyles. I’m always looking to get to the root of the problems. My research and studies guides me to inflammation, acidic environments, nutritional deficiencies etc. This is where I create a product or launch a treatment that will address the root causes which in turn will help improve the skin and body concerns my clients experience.

During this time, I was actually researching ways to reduce inflammation internally as well as externally (on the skin) and thats when I came across CBD Oil.

Most people are unaware how inflammation in the skin and body can be a root cause for other major health concerns, making it important to reduce inflammation for your health.

Since then, what you have noticed about the benefits of this ingredient in skincare treatments?
My first few applications was internal use only, the more I did research, I quickly discovered the benefits of using CBD oil topically and what it can do for skin cell health.

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) is known for its skin-loving properties, cannabis oil can provide powerful antioxidants, omegas, and anti-inflammatory benefits. All of which can address the common skin concerns of inflames, dehydrated, and aging skin.

With strong antioxidant properties, CBD Oil is an ideal way of reducing inflammation in the skin (and in the body if taken orally as well).

Beauty products and treatments based on Cannabis are experiencing a “boom” since the legalization of the plant for medical reasons in the US. But we still have little data about the benefits for skincare and other kind of uses. Do you think we will see a change in this soon?
Right now, the benefits of CBD is just starting to become more openly discussed and addressed. There is initial confusion, but after educating them on the plant itself and the benefits of the skin, they gain clarity. It has always been a success in my opinion, the stigma of cannabis only stems from the TCH component which has mind-altering effects. If we focus on the medicinal benefits of the plant, we can see more of the physical benefits. I do see people being more open minded about it.

I understand and respect peoples opinions and philosophies about the cannabis plant. I have seen a difference in the skin since using it topically and I just want to make this available for my clients who can benefit from this.

Also, a very important note to highlight is CBD contains no THC, there is no psychoactive effects with this ingredient. It is pure medicinal benefits only.

Some hemp products are also connected with a “natural” way of treating skin. Do you agree with this view?
Yes, I think Hemp products is one of many natural ways of treating the skin.

People, the skin, and their bodies are all different. We react differently to many ingredients – even if it’s natural or non-natural. Sometimes other ingredients resonate better with skin and body healing than others. In my opinion, it’s good to have options.

How was the process to develop your own CBD Oil? How long did it take and when it was launched?
It took some time, because I believe in using quality ingredients in my products. I tested a few different CBD Farms in the US and combined my ideal skin formulation using this ingredient. It took a year to develop fully after testing CBD on myself for some time.

Do you believe that your products and also your influence can play a roll in helping US and other countries to see Cannabis plant differently – not just a “psychoactive substance” but also something we can actually use to improve our health in many ways?
I believe I’m already influencing my clients and other brands in wellness to be more open minded about this ingredient. However, the credit belongs to the plant – not myself.

People have expressed to me they feel more comfortable because of my experience working with skin and body wellness for over 20 years — and for me to support the cannabis plant can help them validate it more than someone who is just fan of the plant.

Have you had any obstacles in obtaining it or selling the serum?
I am grateful to say, no I have not encountered obstacles. I do respect peoples choice if they want to use this ingredient or not. I don’t force my education on anyone.

How did you source the CBD?
Research and testing. I always test for quality, response time, and progress/improvements on different types of skin

Do you think there’s viable opportunity for the beauty industry to utilize CBD or is it just a way to “look cool”? Do you think bigger brands can parlay into this market or because of the limitations will just remain niche?
I believe it will become bigger in the beauty industry once people start using it and feeling the difference with the skin.
GOOD QUALITY CBD Oil is very expensive, I think a product that has CBD with a low cost may be using smaller doses or not using the best quality of CBD oil. There are different process that they would have to go through as well to determine the potency of this ingredient.

CBD Dosage in I PEKAR CBD Collection
CBD Serum – 250MG – Apply 1 Drop per application
CBD Mask – 250MG – Apply 1 Layer on Face per application
CBD Roller – 500MG – Launching Soon!
CBD Tinture – 500MG – Launching Soon!

Does your CBD collection contain any THC?
Our collection has less than 0.3% THC

What portion of the cannabis plant the CBD is derived from?
Our CBD is derived from Cannabis Leaves and Flower

Will the CBD in your products show up in a drug test?
Generally, topicals do not get into the blood stream and should not show up in a blood test. However, individual’s use of our product may vary, and drug tests vary as to what compounds are being analyzed, so we are unable to make any claims or guarantees regarding use of our products and blood tests.

What are the benefits of ingesting CBD?
Many people find CBD (Cannabidiol) provides relief from pain and anxiety, acts as a mood stabilizer and promotes a calm sense of well-being. Research shows it can help alleviate pain, anxiety, menstrual discomfort and migraines.

How old do I have to be in order to purchase CBD Products?
You need to be 21 years or older to purchase CBD Products

Are the products tested? How do you ensure product quality and consistency?
Ildi Pekar Skin Care LLC uses a 3rd Party Lab to test the quality and safety of all products in our collection.

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