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Article by Tammy.


When it comes to skincare, the only rule you need to keep in mind is never compromise. Innovation in beauty and cosmetics has enabled a large number of product options to choose from. It gives you the liberty to understand your skin and pick the right options that match you the best. As the world progresses towards new and exciting skincare ranges, it is time for us to explore one of the most potent and exciting skincare ingredients – CBD. 



The world is slowly starting to accommodate cannabis into various parts of our lives. One of the many benefits of cannabis that can be useful is its magic on the skin. CBD infused lotions, creams, topicals, could become a regular part of our beauty regimen. It can help revamp your skin and add a flawless glow to it. So, here are seven effective ways to use CBD to rejuvenate and revamp your skin. 

  1. Mask it: Seasons may change, but the need for skin masks never do. Face masks are an essential component of a skincare routine that helps deliver the necessary nutrients directly to the skin. Several sheet masks and other face mask cream products are available in the market. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful to treat conditions like acne and eczema. Simply add a few drops of CBD oil while preparing your face mask and apply. Remove or wash off in circular motions using lukewarm water. To enhance the benefits of a face mask, try simple steam at home or use a face mask in a spa to open the pores.
  1. Exfoliate the dullness: A critical part of skincare requires you to bid adieu to the dull and tired skin resting on the top layer and bringing the layers below. Exfoliation helps get rid of the dead skin cells and ensures your fresh- and young-looking skin comes up from within. Whether you choose a good off- the shelf product or try some simple home remedies to exfoliate, adding a personalized touch with some CBD can be useful. Add a few drops of CBD oil to the exfoliating mixture before you apply. Alternatively, you can use CBD oil or lotion to the areas after exfoliation to restore moisture. It will help prevent dryness and dull skin and rejuvenate the texture of the skin.


  1. Balm the acne and spots:  Acne is a major skin debacle that can ruin the health and texture of your skin. Acne marks can leave the skin damaged and blemished, and hence CBD can be a useful ingredient to include in your skincare. CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help eliminate acne. Also, CBD helps reduce excess sebum production on the skin that causes acne to reappear and removes the source of the problem. CBD balms can be beneficial to apply on the affected areas to ensure the acne spots get relief and do not leave a mark at the same time.
  1. Lotion your way to bidding goodbye to dry skin: The extreme weather conditions clubbed with environmental factors often tend to cause excessive skin dryness. When the skin feels tired, dull, and moistureless, the surface is prone to damage such as age spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. CBD has amazing moisturizing properties that can come handy to relieve excess skin dryness. Explore the market to find the best CBD lotion to buy for dry skin from reputed online retailers like Getkush. The infused CBD extracts act on the surface of the skin to retain moisture and hydration without losing it to the surrounding, thus ensuring healthy skin with a beautiful glow. You can simply include a few drops of CBD oil to your regular moisturizer for good benefits too. It will keep your skin resistant to age damage.
  1. Massage to improve texture: CBD oil massage can be rejuvenating and replenishing the face with better blood circulation. Face massages help relax the facial muscles and increase blood flow in the area. The effects reflect in the color and tone of your skin immediately post a relaxing massage session. CBD oil massages help deliver the necessary nutrients efficiently required by the skin. It will ensure your skin looks gorgeous and glows all the time. Regular massages will bring a fabulous texture to your skin, which is smooth and silky. 



  1. Steam to deliver the nutrients: Steam facial enables the pores on the skin surface to open and give access to the oil glands. It naturally enhances moisture and hydration on your skin. Apart from this, opening the pores before performing any skin treatment helps take the benefits of it to the skin in the most optimum way. CBD oil can add to your steam facial regimen and help you achieve glamorous skin. The oil is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Omega fatty acids that rejuvenate your skin. These nutrients improve skin elasticity and keep them looking smooth and young-looking. A few drops of CBD oil after a steam facial can help take the benefits directly to the skin in no time. Alternatively, one can also go for edible incredibly pure CBD gel caps that can help retain skin moisture.
  1. A creamy kiss goodbye to sun damage: The ultraviolet rays, along with various environmental factors, contribute to free radical damage. These ruin the texture of the skin and could lead to the appearance of early signs of aging such as age spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles. Using a CBD infused sunblock or sunscreen can help protect your skin from the sun and keep it looking young and healthy. 


Use these simple ways to embed CBD into your skincare routine, and you will achieve gorgeous looking skin in no time.

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